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Monique Reneé Enterprises specializes in vocal coaching (individual & group), team building, music department restructuring for ministries, worship leader development and discipleship. And chances are if you're viewing this site this is where you're at:

You're a new worship leader wanting to build confidence, presence, and leadership skills. 

You're a seasoned vocalist, but you're feeling a bit stale, and you're ready to reach a new level.

Well guess what? You've come to the right place! Monique Reneé Enterprises was created for the passionate vocalist, ready to grow in their gift of singing as well as leadership. Whether you are a solo artist, a worship leader, or an entire music department, there is one thing you will always need to be doing constantly, and that's improving. 

We live in a world where people are searching daily for connection, inspiration, and meaning. Your voice is a gift that can do just that! I'm here to help you unwrap it so that you can begin to present it to the world with confidence and impact.

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Other skilled vocalists may have a similar story to National Recording Artist Monique Fulks in

that they began singing at a young age; however, you would be hard-pressed to find another

who overcame great adversity to regain not only their voice but their passion for the craft!

At the tender age of 3 years old, Monique began singing. Encouraged by her parents, she

continued to cultivate her skill, and by the age of 8, Monique was featured on her first live

recording (Youth Gospel Music Conference “Receive” 1995). Even at such a young age, she

carried herself with such skillfulness that she was featured on two more projects with the same


In her senior year, she was selected as both the President of the Concert Choir and Director of

the Gospel Choir for her high school. She advanced her education at Southern Illinois University studying Jazz Performance while continuing to be sought out for her experienced voice and leadership skills (Worship Leader – Annual C.O.G.I.C Convention; Choral Director and Praise & Worship Leader – Greater St. Paul MB Church; Vocal Instructor – J. Oscar School of Music Worship Arts Director – Agape Time Ministries, Inc.).

In the same year that Monique released her first EP (“Monique Reneé: The Process” - 2015),

she received a diagnosis of stage 2 thyroid cancer with a tumor attached to the two nerves that controlled her voice’s pitch and tone. After a successful procedure, she discovered her

melodious singing voice was replaced with a cracked, low tone. For two years, she attempted to regain her voice but was left defeated. In December 2017, with her confidence shattered, Monique quit singing altogether.


After almost two years of not singing and also not helping others develop in their craft, the Lord compelled Monique to stop shunning her purpose, and she took a step of obedience to begin reclaiming her voice in November 2019. The journey back has had its own set of challenges, yet she has experienced growth to the point that others have not only vocalized the value of her gifting but also sought her wisdom.

It was out of this lifetime of experience that Monique Reneé Enterprises was birthed, which

specializes in vocal coaching (individual & group), team building, music department

restructuring for ministries, worship leader development and discipleship.

Today, Monique gratefully serves as the Campus Worship Leader of Influence Church in St.

Louis, Missouri where she makes her home with her husband, Brandon Fulks Sr., and their

children: Rayven, Bréah, Brandon Jr. and Ryleigh.

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